While at Cambridge, Z partnered with a local outdoor therapeutic education organization working with adolescents experiencing neurotypical or behavioral disorders. She led a case-study investigating participant understanding and relation to therapeutic outdoor programming. Her research and graduate work provided her further insight to the power of outdoor challenges and motivated her to finetune her skills within clinical populations. She returned to the States in early 2019 to Portland, OR motivated by the city’s convenient access to diverse natural landscapes and strong community-based mental health services.
For over two years, Z worked as a 24/5 crisis clinician for youth experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms and high-risk safety concerns. With the aid of experiential learning opportunities, she helped youth regain clinical stability and strengthen distress tolerance and adaptive coping skills to promote longer-term mind-body health.

Z has synthesized years of rigorous peer-reviewed scientific research, trauma-informed clinical experience, and anecdotal outdoor adventure to create Life Stages, an evidence-based model to help individuals improve their mind-body health at any stage in life. Z’s goal is to redefine and innovate the way the world thinks about overall health and well-being; outdoor adventure; and individual human potential by re-iteratively informing direct service, health research and, ultimately, global health policy. 

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