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A Self-Actualization, LLC Company

Life Stages helps you build sustainable skills for well-being and personal development through a combination of our interactive, skill-building app along with enhancement options via our ecosystem of interconnected goods, services, and tools. We help you build the best current version of yourself so you can live a healthy and aligned life and contribute your unique talents to the world at any stage in life.  Join us!

Our Pillars


Evidence-based Knowledge Creation

Knowledge is power and as such we empower you in building new knowledge and skills to work on your wellness in an evidence-based manner.


Community & Interconnection 

The world is intricately interconnected. We are committed to fostering a positive connection to the self, wider community, and local environment for all.


Holistic Health & Abundance

We do not simply tackle aspects of health but rather work in harmony with physical, mental and socio-emotional wellbeing to promote whole mind-body health, personal development, and individual and societal potential.

We’re a dedicated team driven by our mission to help individuals self actualize at any stage in life. By combining decades of rigorous psychology and outdoor adventure research along with years of clinical and outdoor experiential practice, our model has been crafted to help individuals evolve in a holistic manner.
We help people overcome stressors and limitations to build a life that brings them joy, peace and self-fulfillment through practical, experiential and evidence-based solutions. We believe everyone and anyone can become their best self with the right tools, resources and support. By integrating nature, technology and quotidian life, Life Stages’ helps you evolve into your best self.

Meet the Team

Z. Y. Terrones

Founder ​& CEO

Z (or Zulma) Y. Terrones, an entrepreneur and interdisciplinary professional at the intersection of behavioral health; research psychology; and experiential education.  Drawing from a unique combination of high-intensity academic environments (University of Chicago and University of Cambridge); domestic and international service in non-governmental settings; and entrepreneurial/startup experience, Z uses her diverse skills and knowledge to help others on their journey of achieving mind-body wellness and self-actualization.

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Alexander Perez

Product Manager

Alex is an environmental, health, and safety professional with a heart for technology and nature accessibility.  As a Chicago native who later moved to the PNW, he quickly fell in love with the therapeutic benefits that being present in nature has provided him.
Aligning with Life Stages' mission was an easy decision that has allowed him to use his unique skill set to help himself and others reach their fullest potential.


Dione Sheehan


Dione Sheehan is the founder and creator of Caliber D Fitness. She holds a group fitness certific​​ation from the American Council on Exercise as well as a de​gree from Stanford University. Her method combines the joy of music with the high-intensity nature of athletics to deliver stellar results while fostering an atmosphere of positivity and men​tal awareness. Dione is passionate about teaching people how to approach fitness from a happy, healthy perspective. She is based in ​Southern California and offers group classes, personal training, and mindset coaching. Learn more on her Instagram

Javier Melendez


Javier Meléndez is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a focus on addressing spiritual and sexual trauma, particularly for latine LGBT individuals who have had negative religious and spiritual experiences. He is in the process of developing his private practice Eutierria Therapy, a nature-based, mental health therapy practice that aims to reconnect clients to themselves, others, and nature. He is currently based in San Antonio, Texas providing telehealth to California clients. Learn more about his upcoming private practice at 

Stephanie Ho


Stephanie is a group ​fitness and yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience te​aching in fitness clubs and corporations. She believes that fitness is for everyone and has made it her mission to motivate
and educate as many people as she can on how to get fit and feel good about their bodies. Her love of movement has also led her to completing both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Kinesiology and a number of fitness certifications, including Les Mills BODYJAM and BODYSTEP, Personal Training Specialist, RYT200, and Fitness Instructor Specialist. Outside of the health and fitness world, Stephanie enjoys drinking chai lattes, knitting and crocheting, and watching cat videos. To connect with Stephanie, you can reach her on LinkedIn.

Neuro Base Camp


Living with a neurologic injury or chronic disease is like stepping into a dense wood forest, or standing at the base of an intimidating mountain. Our specialized therapists want you to know you're not alone- we will help you gather skills, tools, and knowledge to make the c​limb ahead much more manageable. Neuro Base Camp offers affordable services for a variety of neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions, with 1-on-1 customized physical therapy in-clinic or telehealth therapy via our secure Zoom platform.  Click Here to learn more about us!

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2024 Interns

Meet the emerging talent applying their education to real-world solutions to build a healthier future for all!

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What our partners and clients say:

Sehoon Park

UC Berkley

Sehoon is a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Life Sciences, Business, and Entrepreneurship (LSBE). Their dream goal is to provide medical attention for those in need living in developing nations. In order to reach this goal Sehoon has been mastering the realms of health and life sciences.