Life Stages



Join our Winter Wellness session in the Bay Area

Join Life Stages for a holiday Winter Wellness Hike and 
work on your physical, mental, and emotional health
 in a forest bathing and mindfulness hike sessi​on.

You'll learn techniques rooting in clinical behavioral health and self-actualization psychological research to help:

  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Reframe and redirect perspective
  • Ground and self-sooth/mindfulness techniques
  • Engage with gratitude and appreciation-giving

Move your body and engage your mind and senses 
with a mindful hike through a local trail

Establish rapport with local cohort members in an intimate setting 

Build your mental and social health toolbox with evidence-based techniques to help you ground, de-stress, increase resilience, and establish and maintain healthy boundaries 

Become part of the Life Stages community and gain access to special events and further wellness opportunities

 Sign-up for the Winter Wellness Session below

Location: Lands End 
(exact meeting location available upon registration) 

Session Date: 12/11/22

Session Time: 10am – 1:30pm