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Alignment Through Yoga

Engage in intentional yoga and learn to use it as metaphor 
to help improve your perspective on life and inspire you to lean in.

In the first part of our 
Alignment Through Yoga 3-Part Series .... 
You will learn to use yoga as metaphor for life as you slow down and process different movements; lean into uncomfortable positions; and graciously accept where you are in this moment in time– both in the yoga practice and in life. 

Access Part 2 & 3 of our Alignment Through Yoga 3-Part Series below.

Continue your yoga-as-alignment journey with our full series:
Part 2- Staying and Holding at the Edge of Discomfort 
Part 3- Presence and Intentionality Through Meditation & Mindfulness 

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Each video focuses on a specific theme and approach to aligning your life while using the yoga sequence for motivation, inspiration, and aspiration.

Slowing down and tuning into your environment and yourself can help you identify things that are important to you and enjoy the simplicities of every day life.

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