Life Stages

Evolve at every stage

Sign up for a local Foundations series below. 

Included with your Foundations registration is full access to:

  • 3 carefully crafted in-person outdoor Life Adventures led by a pair of technical and mental/behavioral health professionals known as Life Stages Guides. Our Guides will teach you:
  • Outdoor and fitness skills in a comfortable and safe setting
  • Transferable mental and behavioral health techniques to integrate in your daily life and promote general well-being and self-actualization
  • Our exclusive online community and education platform,  Inner Sanctum
  • Inner Sanctum houses Life Lessons, evidence-based education modules and skills-training exercises created from years of psychology-based wellness research. Inner Sanctum is designed to have all the essential tools to further compliment your evolution. Learn, practice and track your progress – all while booking your next Life Adventure and continuing to connect with your fellow cohort members on Inner Sanctum!