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Life Stages is more than a health model or business. We believe societal evolution and progress starts at the individual level. More than that, we believe all individuals, given the right support, have the power to self-actualization and provide their unique contribution to the world. When we comprehensively elevate our intentionality and presence in the world, we elevate our individual and interpersonal experiences while creating meaningful change in the world. Or, when we intentionally live as our best selves, we create positive, long-lasting impact outside of ourselves as well as within. We align every word and action to our mission, values, and vision. We hope they resonate with you.

Life Stages' vision is a triad dedica​ted to bridging the gap betw​een ​research, policy and individual potential:

1. Life Stages’ services focus on strengthening individual potential through practical self-development tools, research and resources.

2.  Life Stages aims to synthesize the latest self-development/wellness research across fields and distill it into practical take-aways.

3. Life Stages aims to advocate for evidence-based outdoor health policies

In line with the values of Life Stages and our founder’s personal journey, we work to do our part to increase equity and interconnection in nature and health for diverse populations. 

We aim to support historically underrepresented communities by creating inter​sectional programming, affinity cohorts, and reducing barriers to access. (ex. low to no cost sessions).

Want to align yourself with our mission and value priorities? 

Donate to our value-oriented funds and help increase access to the outdoors for all and strengthen our related outdoor health research and policy initiatives. 
100% of proceeds go directly to the mission of the designated fund.


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