Spring Bloom Strengthening & Sculpting Bootcamp 

Virtual Workout & Knowledge Session

with Dione from Caliber D Fitness

Access on Inner Sanctum

Workout your body and mind in this virtual knowledge-creation and workout session where you will learn research and skills around strengthening your self-concept, or your own understanding and perception of yourself– all while toning and your body.

 The session is designed to help you increase self-awareness; connect with yourself and align with your values and priorities as you complete two 30-min pilates and sculpting sessions. Learn to incorporate self-empowerment tools in your everyday life to help you walk authentically in life and build aligned communities, partners, and goals.

New Year, New Chapter, Updated Mindset 

Z.Y. Terrones, founder of Life Stages and former behavioral health clinician and psychology researcher, and Dione Sheehan, founder and creator of Caliber D Fitness, sat down for a conversation on health, fitness and growth mindsets.

Learn what growth and fixed mindsets are, 
as well as how these health and fitness professionals maintain their health, fitness and own growth mindsets! 
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Click to gain access to all our Caliber D x Life Stages resources on 
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Click to gain access to all our
 Caliber D x Life Stages resources on 
our community and education platform, 
Inner Sanctum 

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