Engage in physical outdoor activities while working on your mental health and emotional well-being through a series of 3 carefully crafted, local outdoor adventures

Foundation I.I

Routine to Ritual: 

Creating Meaning​ in the Quotidian

Meaning in life starts in the everyday, the quotidian. Embark on a forest bathing journey and learn to elevate your daily routines, explore new ones, and consciously transform them into ritual, or meaningful and value-aligned experiences. You will gain understanding of how the daily rituals you choose create​ the foundations for the rest of your life journey, as well as explore ways to sustain meaning and purpose around your rituals as you evolve throughout life. 

Create an intentional support system with fellow cohort members. Boost your interpersonal bonds through 3 health-oriented social events

Foundation I.II


Tapping into Existence

Lean into bliss, uncomfortableness and everything in between during this outdoor yoga practice designed to strengthen your mental resiliency and cognitive adaptability. Learn to shift your mindset to radically accept the world around you and best support your evolution. Lean into your yoga poses as we guide you into leaning into your own capacity, power and ability to adapt with life. You will learn foundational skills to help you align with your current circumstances and  support you in redefining your forthcoming reality.

Create transformational memories in nature
 while learning life-changing behavioral health skills 
to improve your daily life

Gain access to our online community and education platform, Inner Sanctum.

You wil​​l​​​:

  • learn the science behind your newly acquired skills
  • practice and track your health and skills progress
  • continue engaging and building community with your cohorts 

Foundation I.III

Highest Frequency:

The Power of You

Life is not only about finding yourself, but rather creating yourself; yet, we cannot create what we do not know or understand. Close your Foundations series by tapping into the most reliable and powerful resource in your toolbox (or Life Kit): yourself. As you progress through an uplifting and emboldening cycle, you will deepen your understanding of the importance of identifying, aligning and living your values as well as learn practical ways to strengthen your self-concept and live your truth.

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