Executive Summary

Align is a hyperpersonalized wellness app that empowers users in cultivating mind-body habits for sustained well-being. Synthesizing years of scientific research and innovative technology, Align helps users build healthier, more aligned thought and behavior patterns through seamless, progressive, interactive activities.

Company profile

URL: www.getaligned.lifestages.us
Industry: Digital Health/Health Tech
Founded: 2022


Zulma Y. Terrones, Founder/CEO
P: 503-369-7694
E: zyterrones@lifestages.us
M: P.O. Box 3316 Freedom, CA 95019


Align is an AI- and deep-ML-enhanced SaaS mobile platform making mind-body habit-building easy and sustainable for long-term well-being. Align features tailored digital mind-body interventions rooted in behavior psychology, neuroscience, and clinical mental health, while also taking into account sex-based neurological and biological difference that impact learning and wellbeing for effective, long-term change. Featuring an array of interactive, progressive skill- and knowledge-building activities, Align empowers users in creating new default thought and behavior patterns in a moment and manner most beneficial to them and their unique wellness journey.​ 


Half of the world’s population will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime; only ~50% of those needing treatment will receive it. This is despite the $2.5T spent annually on global mental healthcare, which is expected to increase to $6T by 2030. Gender is a prime risk factor as women are affected at a rate of 13% and 9% more than men, globally and nationally, respectively– equating to >6000 years of healthy female life lost annually. Yet, no current market solutions offer at-scale, accessible, effective personalized solutions catered to women’s specific mental health needs.

Target Market

Professional women, ages 35-65 who identify as optimizers, or those who are intentional about their time, networks, and wellness to build a rich and fulfilling life. There are >3B worldwide and >60M American women who have >70% of the purchasing power in healthcare— a $4T industry— for themselves and their communities.


Funding Stage: Pre-seedCapital Seeking: $550K

Business Model

Monthly ($16.99) and yearly ($169.90) subscription plans with additional in-app upsell options. We anticipate 17% price increase over 3 years given early adopter price validation and iteration feature expansions.

Go-To Market

  • Private beta release to partners, including REI, Scotts Valley Parks & Rec, Latinas and Tech, and regional wellness practitioners from May - October 2024
  • Iterate and release to wider consumer public in late 2024
  • Employ highly targeted ads across social media, podcasts, and magazine with the aid of a marketing firm
  • Strategic partnerships with universities and governments, as well as social media influencers
  • Aiming for 75K - 100K users in the first 2.5 years

Financial Forecast

We aim to acquire 4% of the US market within 5 years and 4% of the global market within 8 years for revenue of >$40M and >$2B respectively– and making us a household wellness brand name.


  • SME Founder/CEO: Zulma Terrones has 12+ years at the intersection of behavior psychology, experiential education, and clinical mental health
  • Operations and Product Manager: Alexander Perez has 10+ years of experience in operations and product management with previous roles at Target, Aldi, and American E-cycling
  • Software Development Lead: Rushi Sharma has 4+ years of experience in full-stack software development and agile scrum team leadership
  • Data Security & Infrastructure Lead: Siddhant Tripathi has 4+ years of experience in data security and infrastructure with previous roles at the Center of Artificial Intelligence and Research, DRDO and Thales

Mentors & ​Advisors

  • Gianfranco Filice, Venture Partner, OVO Fund

  • Jeff Smith, Business Advisor, Silicon Valley SBDC and Larta Institute

  • Gurdeep Sidhu, Finance & Accounting Advisor, NorCal SBDC, and Tech Futures Group

  • Robert Kramer, Strategic Advisor, Cal Coastal SBDC and Visionary Strategic Consulting

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Consumer solutions are currently using siloed, static or minimally-personalized approaches, and primarily focused on health metric tracking rather than proactive wellness interventions. Our unique approach gives us a first-to-market advantage for hyper-personalized, progressive mental healthcare.

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Why Now?

Technology, specifically AI and deep-ML, have become widely available and accessible. Combined with the increased cultural awareness and understanding of mental health, the need and feasibility for hyper-personalized, quality mental healthcare only beco​mes more and more underscored year after year. Consumer needs and market gaps have converged to create a prime setting where effective, evidence-based, at-scale, affordable personalized mental health can become a reality. Trends show current health solutions are not enough and consumers are searching for personalized, holistic, and responsive solutions.